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Wednesday, March 9, 2011


info:TV Dogatch

日本のみならず、海外でも60ヶ国以上で放送された、大人気『デジモン』シリーズ。その最新作として2010年7月からテレビ朝日系で放送されている『デ ジモンクロスウォーズ』が2011年4月、さらにスケールアップ!『デジモンクロスウォーズ~悪のデスジェネラルと七つの王国~』とタイトルも新たに、4 月3日(日)より、日曜あさ6:30~7:00枠に登場する!

Not only Japan, it broadcasts over 60 countries over sea, the popular "Digimon" Series. Its newest work "Digimon Xros Wars" which aired on July 2010 on TV Asahi, ,it has further scale-up, starting Apirl 2011! With its new title:"Digimon Xros WARS~Evil Death General and Seven Kingdom~", and will be air on Sunday, April 3rd from 6:30-7:00 a.m..


4 月からスタートする『デジモンクロスウォーズ~悪のデスジェネラルと七つの王国~』は、デジモンたちが住む謎の異世界「デジタルワールド」で起きた"ある 異変"をきっかけに始まる壮大な物語。前シリーズで主人公タイキ(声・高山みなみ)らが人間界に飛ばされた後、デジタルワールドではその覇権を巡り、大き な戦乱が巻き起こった。激しい戦いを経て、やがてデジタルワールドはバグラモンを皇帝とする悪の帝国「バグラ帝国」によって統合。最終的に「月・火・水・ 木・金・土・日」をモチーフにした、七つの王国に分けられた!その七つの王国を支配するのは"デスジェネラル"と命名された、恐ろしい七人の将軍たち。皇 帝バグラモンの下に鎮座する彼らによって、デジモンたちは厳しい生活を強いられていた。
人間界にいたタイキと、そのパートナーのデジモンである シャウトモン(声・坂本千夏)は、デジタルワールドの平和を取り戻すため、仲間たちとチームを結成。友情を育み、危険が待つ七つの王国へ。デスジェネラル をひとりづつ倒して王国を開放し、デジタルワールドの平和を達成していく!

[Digital World got reform into Brand New 7 Kingdoms!]

In "Digimon Xros Wars~Evil Death General and Seven Kingdoms" that starts in April. An epic story starts with mysterious parallel world "Digital World" that inhabit Digimon with "its change". While main character from the previous season Taiki (CV: Takayama Minami) flown to the Human World, Digital World surrounded by its domination(by Bagra Army), and starts huge wars. Soon after such the heavy battle, Bagramon who calls himself as the Empior/King with his Evil Empire "Bagra Empire" dominate the Digital World. And finally turns it into motif of "Getsu, Ka,Sui,Moku, Kin,to, nichi*", and divided into seven Kingdoms. These seven Kingdoms are ruled under the name of "Deaths Generals", seven threaten Generals. They serve under Bagramon who they call the "King/Emperor", and have other Digimon live in a touch situation.

Taiki who came from the Human World, with his partner Digimon Shoutmon(CV: Sakamoto Chika), in order to help Digital World return to peace, they team up with their friends. Grow their friendship, and go towards Dangerous Seven Kingdom that's waiting for them. Defeat the Death General, and restore the kingdom, and able to restore the peace of Digital World!


『デ ジモンクロスウォーズ~悪のデスジェネラルと七つの王国~』で描かれるのは、少年タイキとシャウトモン、そしてその仲間たちとの喜怒哀楽あふれるドラマ。 仲間のために怒ったり、泣いたり、あるいは一緒に喜んだり...。時に、仲間を思う心が原動力となって、彼らは今までになかった力を得ていく。
何 といっても最大の見どころは、仲間への思いが高まったときに、シャウトモンが強大なパワーを持つ「Ω(オメガ)シャウトモン」に進化、成長する点だ。ほか にも、シャウトモンと同様、仲間へのアツい思いで一気に超進化、飛躍するデジモンも登場予定。デジモンたちの超進化でさらにバリエーション豊かになるキャ ラクター、その土台となる友情や勇気といった豊かな感情描写にぜひ期待してほしい。

[While thinking of their friends, Digimon achieves the "Chou Shinka/Superior Evolution"!]

"Digimon Xros Wars~ Evil Death General and Seven Kingdoms" is about a boy name Taiki and Shoutmon, a drama of feeling different emotions with their friends. (R:Why do I think differently when it comes to the word "Drama"). For friends, they get Angry, they cry and laugh together. There are times, their thoughts of friends and force themselves, turns into an unexpected power.
The Must See thing is when they are thinking of friends sake, Shoutmon is holding its strong power and evolve into "Ω(Omega)Shoutmon", as its grow point. In addiction, as for Shoutmon, he's ganna appear with his Chou Shinka/Superior Evovlve influence from his friends' passionate thoughts. Due to Digimons' Chou Shinka/Superior Evolution, it creates more variation of characters, as we are looking forward to see the story illustrates base on an emotional portray full of friendship and courage.

【デジモンを指揮する子どもたちこそがヒーロー! 指揮官同士の戦略・戦術的な攻略戦を描く】

タ イキたち少年は指揮官=ジェネラルとして、自分の軍のデジモンたちの特性を考慮しながら、彼らを戦術的・戦略的に駆使して戦う。それを可能にするのが「ク ロスローダー」というアイテムだ。一方、敵のデスジェネラルたちも「ダークネスローダー」というアイテムを使い、敵のデジモンたちを思いのままに操ってく る。そんななか、タイキたちは敵の弱点を探って攻略ポイントを突くなど、戦略性あふれるバトルで敵を粉砕していく。指揮官同士の手に汗握る戦略・戦術的な 攻略戦を通し、真のヒーローともいうべき子どもたちの活躍を描く『デジモンクロスウォーズ~悪のデスジェネラルと七つの王国~』。ますます子どもたちが夢 中になること間違いナシだ。

[The kids that direct the Digimon as Hero! Illustrates General's battle strategy and tacits in battle.]

Taiki and other boy are Shikikan=>General, consider their own army of Digimon's specialties, apply to their battle strategy and tactics and use on battle. This can only be use on an item call "Xros Loader". On the other hand, enemy Death Generals uses item call "Darkness Loader", and manipulate the mind of the enemy Digimon. With that, Taiki will find the enemy's weakness, conqur the weakness, and smash them all with his battle strategy. Though the battle strategy and tactics on battle gripping between the Generals, "Digimon Xors Wars~Evil Death Generals and Seven Kingdoms" illustrates the action of the True Heroes.There is no doubt that the audiences will be into it even more!

『デジモンクロスウォーズ 悪のデスジェネラルと七つの王国』
2011年4月3日(日)スタート!毎週日曜 あさ6:30~7:00放送
最終更新 2011/03/09 17:30

"Digimon Xros Wars: Evil Death Gnerals and Seven Kingdom"
Starts on Sunday, Apirl 3rd, 2011.! Air on Every Sunday from 6:30 a.m. -7:00 a.m.

*"Getsu, Ka,Sui,Moku, Kin,to, nichi", It's Japanese for "Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday", the Kanji for those individual days mean:"Moon, Fire, Water, Tree, Gold, Soil and Sun".


  1. enemy Death Generals uses item call "Darkness Loader"

    Looks like Dark Knightmon shared to his big brother his evil little toy.. And now it comes with seven other copies and probably the original and the strongest is with Yuu.

  2. We've already seen the first general in the preview for ep 1 of "Digimon Xros Wars~ Evil Death General and Seven Kingdoms"

    His name is "SHREDDERmon" :p j/k but you can't deny those logos bear an uncanny resemblance to the foot clan/red ninja tribunal logo (the 2003 version one that is). That said, the logo WAS based on a DRAGON'S foot. Still, better call the teenage mutant ninja kamemon! ....or would that just be four young gwappamon? (japanese version evo stage joke) :P

  3. @Mattwo

    Umm, is there a digimon called, "Shreddermon"?
    Umm, I saw Delphicmon in the preview, and I think he is a good guy, along with Huanglong in the Dragonland. In the wikimon website, it said the 7 kingdoms are ruled by the Bagura Great demon lords with 7 generals....In other websites, they just mention "7 Generals" and didn't mention about any demon lords.


    I feel that tactimon's death is very sudden. I hope the seven kingdoms are ruled by demon lord digimons still... So, Baguramon is still the lead boss for the moment. I feel that the Bagura HQ is the spookiest area in all digimon seasons.

  4. I said j/k wow that joke went THAT far over your head?

  5. I mean seriously, those symbols on it's chest look like foot clan logos from the 2003 version of TMNT.

    I think I already made it pretty clear though that enitire part of my comment that it was a joke based on those logos.

    Read my other comment on the article before this one btw.

    Also for an ally he sure LOOKS evil. Eh then again you know what they say about book covers...

  6. @Mattwo

    Yeah, I knew you were joking...But just to confirm you were joking.. No worries .. :) Perhaps I am 22, a little old, and I take things more seriously sometimes.

    I wonder what happened to Blastmon and Lilithmon... Hmmm...

  7. @Jason

    *Raises hand frantically*

    Oh! Oooh!

    Lilithmon could be now one of the Seven Bagra Demon Lords/"Death Generals" who now oversee her own Kingdom. Though not sure if her rank as a High Officer is same or lower as a "Death General."

    Blastmon..Not sure. Probably demoted into a clown/court jester or expelled from the Empire. Since he's only a head, he's useless..

  8. @Reiji

    Hey, you are rather comical and funny here. You are a good friend here too. I like the way you express yourself. I appreciate your joke about Blastmon being useless and it's funny the first time I read it. Great job ! =)

  9. @Jason

    Haha, thanks. LOL, interesting you found my mention of Blastmon is useless despite I'm not really intentionally making a joke about him. Yeah, I mean.. What can he do now? Probably the only thing he's useful as of now as a head is being a paperweight. >XD

  10. @Jason

    I've watched subbed 30. And Tactimon's last words would be "He regrets his loyalty to fall into the human world."

    Either he just expressed self pity with him dying into an inferior world (Our world) or he's sorry to have ever come into our world.

    Also, you can also still see the old Bagra Fortress' silhoutte on the foreground while the camera pans unto the view of the new castle behind it. I can guess it's either a new palace Dark Knightmon set up for himself and Yuu or Bagramon's new private residence, probably seeing the old fortress unworthy to house an Emperor like himself.

  11. @Reiji

    Yeah, I still can see the old Bagra's Fortress, together with the new castle which DKmon and Yuu most likely resided in.

    I think OmegaShoutmon is at least as powerful as Shoutmon X5B. His speed seems to be much more greater than his X5B form. Tactimon's detah is sudden and he resembles Zanbamon, but is much more powerful than Zanbamon. The Lucemon we see earlier on in Xros Wars is indeed much weaker than the one in frontier. In the Chinese "Baidu" (Some sort of a wikipedia), it is said that Lilithmon's power is almost the same as Ophanimon's power.

    In super digica taisen set 3/4, I saw Dukemon, examon, Omegamon, Khaosmon (A digimon whose arms consist of Blastmon's and Banchouleomon's heads), Ogudomon... Wonder if they will appear in the anime.... The digital world has indeed become an evil place....

  12. It's spelled chaosmon. That's darkdramon's head btw. It's a result of a jogress that should have never happened.

    As for Oprphanimon and Lilithmon, in digimon Lilithmon is a fallen angel digimon right? Ever wonder what angel digimon she was? :P

    The same probably goes for Lady Devimon. Lady devimon and angewoman are female gender-only variants of another digimon but are both a stage higher!

  13. @Mattwo

    Level-wise, likely Ophanimon. Lady Devimon would probably be an ex-Angewomon. Yeah, until to this very day, I am also wondering how or why they are stronger than their male counterparts.

    In the aftermath of the catastrophic Japan quake, prayers and condolences to those who were affected. The tremor that struck them was already apocalyptic in scale, and they certainly don't need another one in the form of a nuclear plant meltdown. Hopefully this can be averted with the US offering coolant to re-stabilize the radiation levels.

    I won't mind if Xros Wars' return in April will be delayed or pushed back; As long as Japan and its people take their time to recover from the recent horrific tragedy that befell upon them.

  14. @Mattwo

    Yes, Chaosmon's arms comprise of Banchouleomon's and Darkdramon's heads... But in Super Digica Taisen Set 4 shown in Wikimon website, it is spelt as Khaosmon....Perhaps it still means the same digimon... The image isn't really clear and I was puzzled why the other head in Khaosmon's arm is Blastmon's head, and not Darkdramon's head...It looks like Blastmon's head instead..Not sure if I am right.

    It is said that Lilithmon was once an angel, whose rank is on par with Ophanimon. However, she fell from heaven. I don't think Ophanimon can purify Lilithmon that easily.


    There is a chance that Xros Wars' return will not be affected by the Earthquake, because the earthquake doesn't have much impact on Tokyo as compared to other places in Japan, and the TV station is in Tokyo....Earthquake is common because plate movements are part of Earth's physical movements.

    Hope for Japan!!
    Prayer goes to the ones who are affected
    Hope it will return to normal soon!!

    And it will....

  15. 9.0s aren't as so common though, even in japan!

    As for Chaosmon vs Khaosmon, it's due to the fact that's the romanized name and not the localized name.

    Even when sounding alike romanized japanese is not always 100% english. Case in point: L and R.

    Plus the ch combo sounds like a k.

  16. Hope that the Bagra Great demon lords, if there are 7 of them are :

    Leviamon, Lilithmon, Belphemon, Demon, Barbamon, Belia Vamdemon and Lucemon Falldown Mode...

    Perhaps would like to have Chaosdramon as a Bagra general....

  17. No it's not the demon lords. That humanoid dragon digimon combines with hanglongmon. I don't think he's a good guy.

    If he joined any team it'd be Xros Heart, and Xros Heart's new power has already been revealed.

    My guess is that he's the first of the bugra xroses....

  18. As Mattwo mentioned about Bagra Xrosses/Forced Digixrosses, (Obtained probably through the Darkness Loader.) Could we expect an episode/s where Taiki and Shoutmon must fight against, in a rather hesitant manner, Forced Digixrossed and corrupted versions of their team mates?

  19. @Mattwo

    You mean delphicmon. I hope he is a good guy, alongside with Huanglongmon.


    Usually forced digixros are done to power up digimons. Decker Greymon and Shoutmon X5 defeated Super Dark Knightmon in episode 21, and S DKmon regressed to Dkmon again.

    Umm, Reiji, I am curious. You said you are from philippines, but why does your name sounds like Japanese? Exactly what descent are you? LOL. :)

  20. @Jason.

    Reiji's just one of the username/alias I use online. Vincent or Vince is my real name. :p

  21. @Vincent

    I shall call you Vincent from now onwards man...Haha.. "Vincent" is a nice name. Haha, I learned that you have a deviant account, just like Rainie G...Thanks.Haha...

    "Jason" is my english name. "Jason" is my real name, but only part of my full name. Some Chinese likes to insert an English name in their Chinese name. I am a Singaporean Chinese who likes Japan, probably because of their animes and TV shows :)

    I think you write very well here. I think your English is good. :)

    I pray for the victims in the Japanese earthquakes and I pray that the Jap animes can resule to normal soon. :) I am a big fan for Digimon Xros Wars and I am looking forward to its return on 3rd April 2011, and digimon should just continue infinitely because it's great ! :)

  22. Sorry... Mistakes in sentences....

    "Resume" not "resule".

    "big fan OF digimon xros wars"

  23. @Jason ever read that book I think was called "Jackie Chan Robinson and the Year of the Dragon?" LOL

  24. @Mattwo

    Sorry, no, I have not read this book. What is that book narrating about? Are you trying to highlight something? Why are you laughing? LOL. I think I shall call Reiji, "Reiji" instead of "Vincent". Haha....

  25. What I'm trying to highlight here is that the main character decided to call her self "Jackie Chan Robinson" when she moved to america (or was part of a foreign exchange in school I forget which).

  26. @Mattwo

    Oh..Ok...Yeah, it actually doesn't matter which country you come from. Digimons go across all boundaries. :) I have assumed you are from Europe/America/Russia. LOL....

  27. No I mean her name was absurdly long. That's just her american name after all.