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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Digimon Xros Wars OP2 info

info チョコ・レポート& KKB

Yup, new introinfo has revealed.

主題歌…『New World』 

挿入歌…デジモン合体ソング 『WE ARE クロスハート!』

The intro is sung by Twill, the first female singer(s)/band to sing Digimon OP.
CD single will be releasing on June 8th, 2011.
Click here for one of their PV song
Wikipedia about トゥワイル/Twill
Twill Offical Site


  1. "Atarashii Sekai?" This will sound promising.

  2. @Reiji

    Definitely! :)

    @All readers

    Guys, below is the link of Khaosmon in Super Digica Taisen 4, whose arms seemingly comprise of Blastmon's head. It looks like Blastmon's head, but I am not 100% sure.

    Address : http://wikimon.net/D4-48

    I think Blastmon and Lilithmon will still continue to appear in the second half of Xros Wars. Not sure whether there will be an ending song, but definitely gonna hear digimelodies after the end of each episode for the second half of Xros Wars.. Wish to see really threatening and impending dangers in Xros Wars...

    It's still unclear about Dark Knightmon's motives. One moment he intended to destroy Lilithmon and Xros Hearts, another moment he wanted to disrupt the ranks of the Three Head officers, the last moment he said Baguramon is his brother and he joined the Bagura Army.. This is suspicious....

    I would love to see Lilithmon's "sexy" attitude in Xros Wars, just like the way she talked to Ice Devimon and Baalmon in episode 10...It's funny... And the tone she talked to Troopmon when she's having massage...

  3. Did you see the other alternate chaosmon?

    Chaosmon's talk page also revealed this: http://oi56.tinypic.com/281hgs5.jpg

    The excact comment was:
    Found this pic from the Xros Navigator Poster: http://oi56.tinypic.com/281hgs5.jpg As you can see, Darkdramon is replaced with Valdurmon. Which is possible in the Accel and Sunburst/Moonlight. --MugenSeiRyuu 17:23, 29 November 2010 (CST)
    March 24, 2011 9:11 AM